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Why healthcare data should belong in the hands of the patient

Electronic health records (EHRs) must embody an entirely new approach to health and care - one in which the healthcare ecosystem expands… More >

Stepping out of an era of data blindness

David Cameron recently laid out his vision for a smarter state; to not just deliver better value for taxpayer’s money, but deliver… More >

Trusting data is the next stage of the NHS’ digital journey

Professor Michael Thick, the transplant surgeon who took on the poisoned chalice of clinical leadership at NHS Connecting for Health, makes… More >

How can the NHS keep a healthy data protection strategy?

This July, East Sussex NHS Trust misplaced a memory stick containing the personal details of 3,000 of its patients. More >

At risk: are UK public sector bodies prepared for data breaches?

The UK public sector now tops the table as the industry most likely to face malware attacks, so what do organisations need to be doing better? More >

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