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Revolutionising the NHS: regaining the public’s trust and protecting data

After months of hesitation and years of planning the initiative is finally set to launch soon. More >

Predicting the General Election result: what data can and can't tell us

The outcome of the May 7 vote is anticipated to be the hardest election to predict in recent memory. More >

The road to digital healthcare: championing the NHS, cyber evolution

The healthcare sector needs to celebrate its cyber successes if it’s to succeed in creating trust in a digitised system. More >

Patient fear must not hold back data-driven healthcare

Last week’s news that medical records have been sold when claiming insurance or purchasing medical products is concerning to anyone… More >

Why the UK government must adopt Open Document Format

Today is Document Freedom Day. As of November 2012, all government bodies have had to adhere to Open Standards Principles; an agreed set… More >

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