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Floating on a cloud: first, premium or economy

Socitm’s IT Trends: Cloud computing services report recently observed that the drive to embrace the cloud is coming from IT (62%)… More >

Getting IT right: technology and the NHS

There are some anxieties around implementing IT systems for busy hospital staff, but there are ways to overcome them. More >

Are bad passwords to blame for why we can’t vote online?

While 2015 may have been touted as “The Year of the Election”, the voting turnout for the UK General Election would suggest otherwise. More >

Is the UK ready for a digital revolution?

It may not be a decisive factor today, but technology and investment in the UK’s digital future is at the forefront of each of the… More >

From Sci-fi to reality: Machine Learning

Joey Withers, DBA & Senior Database Developer at Rockpool Digital, discusses the development and business applications of Machine Learning More >

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