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Cyber attack: preparing for the inevitable

In 2014, 81 percent of organisations in the UK reported a cyber-security breach. So far this year, 40 percent of public sector organisations… More >

The hidden dangers lurking inside your documents

Communicating with the public is an important part of any public service. Reporting on your successes, analysing opportunities and providing… More >

Digital transformation: managing the transition from digitised to digital

Be prepared to change everything! There aren’t many instructions in business that are more alarming than that. But when it comes… More >

Empowering government departments in the digital economy

We’ve all heard a lot about the ‘Uber effect’ or 'Uberisation' - empowering consumers with on the move, mobile and secure… More >

What 'paperless' should mean for the NHS

Another announcement from the NHS details its next flagship pledge towards a paperless future. What should this mean for patients, and… More >

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