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Care going Digital: developing Local Integrated Public Services

The move to online services has improved the provision of care for residents across Scarborough, opening up the potential for better service… More >

Information balancing act: open standard versus volume management

The increasing volume of information, data and communications is in danger of drowning public sector employees – who are already… More >

Personal data empowerment: time for a fairer deal?

The Citizens Advice Bureau recently published a report entitled 'Personal data empowerment: time for a fairer data deal? More >

The art of connecting: why mobile technology is good for the NHS

Tapping into the potential of mobile technology can release healthcare staff from offices and give them the tools to spend time with patients… More >

Digital signing: bringing security and efficiency to clinical trials

The whole purpose of clinical trials is to gauge the efficacy and safety of particular treatments. But what about the efficacy and safety… More >

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