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Making a Difference with Data was first launched in 2011, to raise awareness of the benefits of open data and data-driven decision-making for local public services. The programme was run by Boilerhouse for Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands with funding from the Department for Communities. Other projects followed, for example the open data demonstrator

Despite the success of these and other projects there is still much to be done to make data visible, accessible and available to support local social and economic growth and wellbeing. Part of the task is communicating to leaders and senior managers of local public services, industry and enterprise the benefits of making data open for better public services, citizen engagement, and wealth-creation.

With this in mind, Making a Difference with Data is working with the UK’s cities, regions, and other key players, to make this happen. Our programme will support and amplify the wide range of initiatives to release data and derive benefits from this. It will also provide a useful platform for organisations working with data to share their own activity.

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