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The MADwDATA programme is offering a range of commercial opportunities to organisations that work with data and do business with local public services.

The programme allows our commercial partners to engage directly with local leaders and senior executives running local authorities, housing providers, hospitals and health services, education, transport, social care, emergency services and economic development.

It provides a platform for exploration, at the highest level, into how business, public services and the third sector can harness data to transform the social and economic wellbeing of local economies.

In year one we are collaborating with smart city, economic development and open data teams in England’s core cities, (Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool and Sheffield), as well as other cities and neighbourhoods looking to work 'smart'.

Commercial partnership with MADwDATA will put your organisation at the forefront of thinking about data - an asset whose importance for public well-being is now widely acknowledged.

Organisations that support MADwDATA will be able to shape the public conversation about this vital issue, sharing online and offline platforms with the most senior decision-makers in some of our most important places.

There are five elements to the MADwDATA programme, which, taken separately or together, will deliver a range of benefits for commercial partners:

  • An online communities platform
  • An online news and opinion title - DataDaily published as a daily supplement in the Information Daily
  • A programme of online and live events
  • Case studies on data use and value
  • The MADwDATA Awards. The 2014 Making a Difference with Data Awards will be announced in July and will be launched in the autumn.
Commercial opportunities with MADwDATA include:

  • Bespoke, multi-channel communication programmes
  • Programme sponsorship
  • Event and workshop sponsorship

If you would like to find out more please contact Joe Tibbetts on 0121 643 9802 or email

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